Photo publications:
2009-2022: Magazines, newspapers, book covers. Publications on banners, brochures, catalogs, for site content.
Interview about me:
2017: Kontur. Magazine "How a journalist opened the only photography school in the city" (website).
2015: Magazine “Number” “History of one photo” (Kostroma, August, No. 8)
2014: Newspaper "Nerekhtskaya Pravda" "I try to run faster" (Nerekhta, June, No. 65)
2012: "Cosmopolitan" magazine "Assistant of the beloved" (Moscow, April, No. 4).
Since 2014 I have been teaching photography - conducting courses, conducting master classes (MC) and workshops in photo schools and at various sites:
     2021: Skillorama online school
     2020: "Portrait" photography school (MK), Riga
     2018: Night at the Museums (MK), Kostroma
     2018: Book Fair (MK), Kostroma
     2018: Latvian firm Zabbix (MK), Riga
     2017: Night at the Museums (MK), Kostroma
     2017: Palace of Creativity (MK for children), Kostroma
     2016: Portrait photography school (MK), Riga
     2014-2019: Photo school Photo frame (courses, MK, workshops), Kostroma
Backstages from lectures:
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